How to: DIY Preserved Floral Pot


Preserved flower geberra arrangement
What you need :
- your favorite pot
- 2 preserved gerberas
- 1-2 preserved roses
- preserved hydrangeas
- foliage & leaves

- dry foam
- plastic stems for geberas and roses
- preserved dry moss
- wire cutter
- flower wires #20- #22
- flower tape
- glue gun and glue sticks
- silicon mat
- flower scissors

How to do:
1) cut the dry foam according to the dimensions of the pot
2) use hot glue to paste the moss to cover the top of the foam
3) use hot glue to place the roses and geberas onto the plastic stems
4) cut the flower wire at 4-6cm, secure the end of hydrangeas together with the flower wire using the tape. Use the tape to wrap the hydrangea's end to the wire
5) do the same for other foliage and leave
6) arrange the flowers as you wish

DIY by: @daisiesfieldsg

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