Why Every Bride Should Have A Custom-Made Ring


So much goes into the creation of a one-of-a-kind ring — the materials, craftsmanship, design — but more importantly it’s the message behind every creation that makes every piece unique and precious.

Specialising in bespoke wedding rings that intricately weave testaments of love into each exceptional design, Fairy’s Inc has come to be the go-to jeweller for sweet, vintage-inspired designs that carry deep and meaningful messages.

During consultation, founder and designer Sandra Chew makes it a point to get to know the couple intimately to suss out their style and preferences. She encourages clients to share a slice of their love journey and proposal plans that may spark an idea for the ring design. One client, for example, loves My Little Pony, so Chew incorporated a swirl to represent the pony’s mane onto the ring. Other special and unexpected details she’s done for other pieces include binary and Morse code, fingerprints, music scores, and even the Elvish language!

Creating a ring from scratch takes time so do plan the proposal ahead of time. “Wedding rings take about two months to fabricate and we will meet the client once or twice to conceptualise the design,” says Chew.

Fairy’s Inc works with all sorts of metals from platinum to palladium and all shades of gold to achieve various handcrafted finishes and textures. They carry only high-grade GIA-certified rings with excellent polish, cut and symmetry. “We select diamonds based on this criteria — D-F colour, internally flawless, and VVS and VS clarity. Cuts are excellent grade with high return of light, brilliance and scintillation… nothing but the best for her!”


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