Wedding Tips: Eyelash Extensions VS Falsies


There’s only so much a good mascara can do, and you won’t achieve as much of a dramatic eye makeup look as compared to the fullness falsies and lash extensions give you. Luscious eyelashes are a must for weddings (hello big, bright eyes) and with so many options available in the market, it’s no surprise that you’re having a difficult time deciding which you should settle with on your big day. Here’s what you need to know about the two:

False eyelashes come in different shapes, volumes and lengths, and can even be reused 10-15 times (provided that they’re well taken care of). They’re applied on the day itself with adhesive glue, so if you’re sensitive to latex, check the ingredients to ensure safe application. Don't forget to curl your natural eyelashes and comb on coats of mascara so they're locked with your falsies. One of the setbacks of wearing false eyelashes is that they may fall off at the corners, and sadly, the look isn't cute at all. Falsies aren’t waterproof either, and you’ll need to be extra careful when you’re unleashing torrents of tears on your wedding day.

Eyelash Extensions
There are many lashes of different lengths, curls and thickness that you’re able to customise to fit your eye shape. A professional meticulously glues each individual lash to your natural ones, and the result is an effortless, natural look. However, lash extensions can be a chore as you’ll need to avoid using oil-based products and rubbing your eyes to ensure its life span. Don’t set your first appointment days before your wedding, but make sure that you go for a trial months beforehand to do a patch test. You won’t want to sport red, blotchy eyes on your big day if you end up being allergic to the glue used! Make sure to touch up your eyelashes before marching down the aisle as missing strands leave ugly, gaping holes in your lash line.

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