Tone Up Fast With HydroFit Workouts At The Fitness Project


If you can master your sun salutations and Vinyasa flow like a pro, try doing it while balancing on a Boga Fitmat board in a swimming pool! We guarantee lots of shrieks of delight (and maybe fear), but most certainly the satisfaction of being able to hold your poses without falling in the water.

What’s a Boga Fitmat you ask? It’s basically a Stand Up Paddling (SUP) board but more rectangular in shape to facilitate stationary exercises like yoga. Boga is the biggest retailer of SUP yoga boards from the US and is already making waves in India, Sri Lanka, Holland, Finland, Croatia, USA, Japan and beyond.

To experience what it’s like to do a chair pose on water, The Fitness Project is currently the only floating studio in Singapore that retails Boga Fitmats and uses them in its water-borne classes. Helmed by former national water polo players, Lim Yao Xiang and Teh Chong Nyen, newly-launched sports company offers two kinds of 45-minute programmes conducted at the Chinese Swimming Club. Hydrofit Zen is a yoga-Pilates hybrid, while HydroFit Pump is a HIIT-inspired workout that consists of a variety of gym-type callisthenics like push-ups, planks and squats.

Developed by trainers from The Fitness Project, these aquatic workouts combine the best aspects of proven core movements from Pilates, yoga and boot camp-type drills to give you total body conditioning. Because the classes are conducted on water (ie. a compromised centre of gravity), the degree of difficulty doubles and fires up muscles you never knew you had! What you can look forward to (besides body aches) is a leaner, meaner body to fit your gorgeous wedding gown.

Unless you have a medical condition, a Boga HydroFit session should be relatively painless to get through. You don’t have to be a pro-athlete or strong swimmer to master it, as the programme is designed for universal scalability, making this the perfect exercise for all endurance levels. It also allows you to self-adjust the intensity of your workout depending on how good you are, or how fast you’d like to see results. We recommend this for anyone looking for a fun alternative to land-based activity, and wishes to add a little challenge to their workouts.

The benefits are endless – improved balance and coordination, engaged core muscles for better strength, realigned body symmetry. If you do this two to three times weekly, you’d be able to see toner arms, butt and thighs in as little as two months.

The Fitness Project conducts classes daily at The Chinese Swimming Club (except Mondays). Book now to enjoy 25% off on all packages.

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