Telling Your Spouse ‘I Love You’ with Your Gift


Dr Gary Chapman – author of New York Times bestseller, The Five Love Languages, writes that everyone has a primary love language of their own. This is a preferred way of receiving love from another that makes one feel most loved.
It could be any of the following: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time or Physical Touch.

Let’s consider some things that can be done to make each of our spouses feel extra loved this season.

  • Framed Affection. Frame a picture of your spouse in a blank photo mat. Surround the picture with written compliments.

  • Clever Notes. Leave short notes of love around the house — "you warm my heart" on the oven, "thanks for putting up with me" on the bamboo pole or shirt hanger, and so on.

  • Volunteer Service. Does he usually clean the kitchen after you cook? Is she the kid’s chauffeur and breakfast-and-lunch-making queen? Offer to take care of those things.

  • Audio Romance. Be your spouse’s DJ. With a computer or digital recorder, record his/her favourite songs, alternating with spoken memories.

  • Diary of Gratitude. Make a handwritten diary of characteristics of your spouse or things that he/she has done for you that you are grateful for.

  • Personal Lessons. Share your talents and skills. Teach your spouse to bake a special dish, knit or swing a putter (and be sure to lean in close when demonstrating).

The gift idea of Framed Affection or Clever Notes will be perfect for a spouse whose primary love language is Words of Affirmation. If Quality Time is your spouse’s primary love language, then Personal Lessons will be a gift to lavish on your spouse. Visit here with him or her to find out what your primary love languages are.

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