Should You Renew Your Wedding Vows?


Many couples look back on their big day like it was yesterday. For those who can afford the time and money, they can relive that moment by renewing their wedding vows.

According to Amanda Koo, director of online jeweller eClarity, she meets up to three married couples a month, who schedule appointments to purchase wedding bands to celebrate their anniversaries. "Typically, couples who've been married for 10 years or more throw a big party," she says.

There are many reasons to hold a reaffirmation ceremony with your other half. Some couples want to finally throw the big wedding they couldn't afford before. Others may choose to renew their vows after the birth of a child or triumphing over a life-threatening illness or accident. There is no set time. If it feels right, just do it!

The benefits of a vow renewal

There are many plus points to holding a vow-renewal ceremony. First of all, you're already married, so there's no need to re-register or fill out any paperwork. It's a symbolic ceremony that can be officiated by anyone — yourself, a religious leader, relative, best friend or even the best man at your original wedding. Just in case, do bring your marriage certificate should the officiant require confirmation that you are married.

Do it at your dream location

The best location would be one that holds sentimental meaning for the both of you, whether it's a hotel ballroom or alfresco café. And because there's no real pressure for customs and traditions, we guarantee you'll have more fun than you did at your actual wedding! Many hotels in the region such as Conrad Bali now offer special reunion packages for couples who want to renew their marriage vows at the famed Infinity Chapel.

What to bring, who to invite?

The guest list can be whittled down to just loved ones, relatives and best friends. Engaging a bridal entourage is unnecessary, but it would be nostalgic to invite your original bridesmaids and groomsmen to give a speech or make a toast.

If the dress still fits, it would be fun to wear your original gown, but skip the veil. Otherwise, glam up and wear a cocktail dress or fancy gown and carry a fresh bouquet of flowers or don a corsage. Depending on your style preferences or the formality of the event you've planned, your menfolk can wear anything from sharp suits to breezy linen ensembles.

Although it is optional for the wife to take a second walk down the aisle, many Western couples will march in, hand-in-hand or towards each other; or a mother can be escorted by her son(s).

During the vow exchange, you may choose to echo your original vows and simply add something relevant, or create vows that are entirely fresh. It's the perfect opportunity to invite close relatives or friends to do readings to add to the romantic atmosphere. You may exchange rings. They can be your original bands with new engraving, or brand-new rings (a great excuse for an upgrade!).

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