How To Pick The Right Veil For You


A detail that's often overlooked after picking out the bridal gown is the veil. Depending on the style of your dress, its details (is it simple or heavily embellished), your hairdo and face shape, it is an important part of your bridal ensemble. Here are tips and picks of our favourite styles.

Blusher: This classic wedding accessory is the smaller portion of the veil which is worn over the bride's face as she walks down the aisle. Usually attached to the main portion of the veil that trails down the bride's back, it's designed to be lifted and flipped back to reveal the face when her father “gives her away” to the groom, or at the end of the ceremony when the couple kiss. Traditional brides favour this style as it lends a romantic appeal.

Birdcage veil: Made popular in the '40s, this is the shortest veil length and a popular choice with modern brides. The vintage style goes well with shorter dress lengths, and depending on the hair and makeup, it could either add a whimsical twist or a sophisticated old-world charm.

Elbow: This is a versatile veil that can be worn either with a more formal gown or a  less formal style. Elegant yet fuss-free, the manageable elbow length means there's no need to grapple with the extra weight and fabric of a longer train.

Fingertip: This veil is another universally-flattering style, like the elbow length. Great for most dress styles and body shapes, it extends to the bride's fingertips as the name suggests. It's also the same style that Kate Middleton wore (and she looked amazing!) and we like that it still adds drama for a great entrance and exit after the soleminisation ceremony.

Mantilla: This style is usually a circular piece of lace or tulle with a pretty lace edge that is placed on the bride's head and shoulders like a scarf. Since the veil can be pretty heavily embellshed, it's best when teamed with a simple dress with minimal details.

Chapel: If you're looking to stun your guests with a grand entrance and are after drama at the same time, then this is the veil for you. Perfect for formal wedding ceremonies and elaborate gowns (imagine walking down the aisle of a grand church!), a chapel veil typically extends to the floor into a small train.   

Photography: Zantz Han
Art direction: FAC3INC
Styling: Ong Jollin
Photography assistance: Melvin Leong
Makeup: John Lee/ FAC3INC using Make Up For Ever
Hair: Rick Yang/FAC3INC
Model: Darina/Mannequin
Special thanks: Stills Network Studio

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