How To Make The Best Wedding Video Ever


Wedding photos and wedding videos come hand in hand. In fact, you’re unlikely to find yourself at a wedding without a videographer these days. And as wedding videos become increasingly run-of-the-mill, they can be pretty monotonous and uninspiring, even with top-notch equipment and expert camera work. Which is why you’re gonna need some creativity to stand out if you want a wedding video that your friends and family wouldn’t mind watching again.

Check these 3 videography techniques that are quickly gaining popularity with tech-savvy couples!

Strap On A GoPro
GoPro videos have been popular for a while now, allowing anyone and everyone to capture their biggest moments—from their point of view. GoPro footage adds an intimate touch to a wedding video especially, capturing the atmosphere of the event in film. And while it seems there is nothing much you can play with in way of camera angles and cinematography, the fun part of a GoPro video is where you put the camera. The video above went viral when a couple decided to put a GoPro on their dog Ryder, which effectively melted the hearts of the Internet.


Fly A Drone
Like GoPros, drones have become increasingly accessible in the past year, and made their way into the equipment list of many videographers. Drones are truly top-of-the-class, as they offer a completely different perspective of the wedding with its seamless aerial views and effortlessly smooth panning, which adds a touch of Hollywood quality to your wedding video. Edit it with on-the-ground footage and you’ve got yourself a cinematic experience.


Enter Virtual Reality With 360° Video
With the rise of virtual reality, 360° cameras are where it’s at. Like GoPros, 360° cameras puts the wedding in perspective—but in the viewer’s point of view, as if he or she were standing there. The added ability to look around as they physically turn makes a 360° wedding video especially engaging, and interesting enough to experience over and over again. Perfect for friends and relatives who were unable to make it to your big day!

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