How To Get Ready On Your Wedding Day


The day you've been dreaming of, stressing over, and working hard on is finally here. And because we know you'll be overwhelmed by the flurry of activities as well as possible loose ends that need to be sorted, here are tips on how to get ready proper.

- Before you start your day, remember to BREATHE!

- Be sure to hang up your wedding dress and veil, as well as lay out your accessories, jewellery and shoes. You don't want to be rummaging through stuff the last minute. Also, make sure your dress is out of the garment bag and properly steamed the night before.

- Have a timeline. A wedding is pretty overwhelming with so many people and elements involved so having a wedding day timeline is essential. Work on one with your planner, or someone who's good at organising in your entourage. You'll need the timeline to know when to start getting ready, when the photographer and bridesmaids should arrive etc. This rundown of the day will be your go-to reference to know what's coming up next.  

- Make sure there's food and drinks for everyone. Chances are, your entourage will be up really early too so make sure there's adequate food for them to munch on should they feel peckish.

- Play some music! Nothing gets people in a good mood than great tunes. Put on your favourite playlists to get everyone relaxed and bopping to the beat.

- Don't forget your emergency kit! Make sure you have a sewing kit, bobby pins, safety pins, makeup for touch-ups, comb, hairspray, mints, tissues in a small pouch because you never know when you'll need something in a flash.

- Make sure you're all powered up. There'll be hairdryers, phones charging, steamer, or even the iron used at one go, so ensure there are enough power outlets or multiple socket adaptors available.



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