How To Choose The Right Tuxedo For Your Body Type


With the buzz surrounding the bride and her wedding dresses, it can be easy to overlook that it is the groom’s big day too! And while most suits and tuxedos have little distinction to the layman, even a single detail like a lapel, buttons, or shoulder padding can make a big difference to how you look in your suit. If you’re a groom who is looking for a crash course in choosing the right attire, here are some tips for finding a suit to flatter your shape and size.

Tall and Lean
Lucky you! You’re likely to look good in just about any style of suits available—from a contemporary single-breasted three or four button jacket, to a classic double-breasted tuxedo. If you happen to be on the thinner side, a double-breasted jacket with padded shoulders can create the illusion of bulk. Opt for narrow-legged trousers to look appear taller, or accessorise with a cummerbund and bow tie to shorten your proportions.

Tall and Muscular
A common problem for muscular men is the fit of their jacket. To avoid looking like the Hulk, skip  the tight-fitting contemporary styles and opt for a boxier jacket with vented pleats. Choosing a jacket with a rounded, shawl collar will make you look less bulky as well. For a thinner appearance, go for narrow-legged trousers, and complete your look with a vest and a long slim tie to elongate your body and conceal your bulk.

Short and Slender
If you are short and slender, you’re going to want to elongate your proportion and add some visual mass to your build. Avoid double-breasted jackets that will look oversized for your frame, and opt for two to three-button jackets with a low button stance, to make you appear taller. For broader shoulders, ask for more padding in the suit. Pair your jacket with flat front or pleated pants to flatter your body type.

Short and Broad
If you’re looking to appear taller and trimmer, opt for a one to two-button shawl collar jacket with narrow lapels and a low button stance for a slimming effect. Avoid double-breasted jackets and broad shoulder lines, which will add extra pounds on you. Style your suit with a vest to conceal heavy waistlines and pair with a long, narrow tie to elongate your frame. Slim-cut trousers are a good choice for balancing your proportions.

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