Here’s What Really Happens When Someone Objects At A Wedding


We all know that time-worn tv trope—a bride is getting married to someone she doesn’t love at the altar, the minister asks that anyone with objections to the union “speak now or forever hold their peace”, and as tension rises, the love of her life bursts through the doors and yell “I OBJECT!”

While this scenario appears to be reserved for soap operas and sappy romance films, have you ever wondered what really goes down when someone objects at a ceremony? One Redditor did, which sparked a viral thread of real-life (and awkward) experiences from wedding guests who witnessed these rare occurrence. 

It is no wonder that the phrase has largely been omitted in recent years! Check out these hilarious, uncomfortable and downright dramatic accounts from Redditors below.

The Conservative Parents
One Redditor shared that a friend’s sister was getting married to a divorced man who was 10 years older, much to the displeasure of her parents. On the wedding day, as the preacher asks for any objections to the union, the bride’s father stood up and said, “Her mother and I object”. Silence and tension followed, until the preacher, caught unprepared, acknowledged the objection but completed the ceremony as planned. One can only imagine the awkwardness of the situation!

The Promise
Redditor Southern_Kisses was 10 when her father married his third wife. As the minister asks if anyone objects, her 6-year-old stepbrother rose his hand politely. Asked why, he replied to the groom: “Because I want you to promise to take me fishing whenever I want, first.” Southern_Kisses went on to share that they did go fishing a lot after the wedding, so the little boy did get his way with this!

Overruled by the Judge
This anecdote was shared to user suitology, whose friend’s brother was getting married. As the newly weds were both lawyers, and the officiant who was a Judge was their friend, the couple thought it funny to plant someone in the audience to object. When a friend of theirs finally yelled “I object” at the crucial moment, the judge promptly yelled “Overruled!” in reply. The Redditor shared that while the joke went well with most of the guests who were lawyers, some of their family members did not get the humour.

“Don’t do it!”
ParoxysmAttack shared his experience when he was a waiter at a wedding. A guest had apparently arrived hours early prior to the wedding, and had “a few too many drinks” in the restaurant. When the time came to exchange vows, the drunken guest yelled, “Don’t f*cking do it… He’s an a**hole!”, to which there was an awkward silence and gasps from the crowd before he was removed from the scene by staff at the bar.

The Grand Reveal
This outrageous story even made it on radio. User PTSDPillowGuy shared the story of a bride who objected to her own wedding. As the pastor asked if there were any objections, the bride interjected, “Yes, I’d like to say something”. And in an unexpected twist of events, she turned to her guests and said, “I’d like to thank my maid of honour for sleeping with my fiancé last night”, before throwing her bouquet and storming off the scene. 

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