Is Finding An Auspicious Wedding Date Important?


Selecting an auspicious wedding date and ensuring you’ve found the right life partner are big decisions you shouldn’t take lightly. Neither is it as simple as reading a Chinese almanac from a bookstore and picking a date at random. It requires the skill of a feng shui expert to decode your date(s) with destiny.

“An auspicious date for one person does not mean it’s auspicious for another as our Bazis (feng shui make up) are different. In fact, a good date in the Chinese almanac can still be deemed inauspicious if the date and the couple's Bazi are incompatible,” explains feng shui master David Tong of Chinese Metaphysics Global (CMG) Consulting.

A Bazi is like a person’s DNA and is unique to each individual. It’s the basis for all feng shui readings, especially for couples seeking out mutually beneficial dates and times, and it transcends race or religion. “Feng shui is a combination of metaphysical science and astrology. It is not a religion or superstition; my clients come from all sorts of cultural backgrounds,” he explains.

Widely known as the guru of wedding date selection, Tong’s most popular package is the Eternity Feng Shui Wedding Package that covers couples’ compatibility, wedding date selection, feng shui for the home and a thorough explanation of Chinese wedding customs and traditions.

According to Tong, even if your Bazi clashes, you can still stay together by selecting the right date and time for your wedding. That can help negate incompatibilities and minimise future marital problems and conflicts. He also advises couples not to worry if they have already booked their venue for the customary wedding, as the ROM (Registry of Marriages) date is of more importance, because that is the moment you become man and wife.

Before the first meet-up with Tong, couples are required to provide their birth dates and time of birth, parents’ zodiac signs, dialect groups (if any) and the period they want to hold their wedding in. A session usually takes about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on what you need to ask, and you take home a detailed report of your feng shui reading.

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