Do's & Don'ts Of Picking Flower Girls And Page Boys


There's no denying that flower girls and page boys add a fun touch to weddings. Everyone loves seeing adorable kids walking down the aisle in their cute outfits and doing their thing. But we all know that they can be a little unpredictable at times — either they're overwhelmed with the crowd, don't listen to instructions and run off in another different direction or get cranky if they're tired, so here are do's and don'ts on getting the right kids for the job.  

- Pick kids who are old enough to take instructions and walk on their own with minimal supervision. Children aged 4 and above are a safe bet.
- Make sure their parents are seated near where the kids will be standing and can be spotted easily too.
- Pick comfortable outfits for the kids. Make sure they have a fitting before the actual day and have them wear the outfits for about 15 minutes to get used to it.
- Pick kids who are comfortable with crowds and people. Outgoing kids who love having all eyes on them are perfect.
- Select a song that is long enough instead of rushing the kids down the aisle.
- Rehearse with them either at home or at the venue before the actual day.

- Leave them unsupervised. Always have a minder, preferably someone they're familiar with and whom you can trust, to accompany them at all times.
- Give the kids the actual rings, if you can. Just in case they drop or throw the pillow, you know your rings are safe. Let your bestman or maid honour hold onto the wedding bands.
- Expect them to stand with the bridal entourage for the entire ceremony. Let them sit with their parents after they've walked down the aisle.
- Forget to bond with them. Give them encouragement and tell them they're playing an important role in the wedding.
- Give them a task they can't do. If they're not able to toss petals on the aisle as they walk, just give them a pomander to hang from their wrist. That's just as cute.

Main photo: Enis Yavus/Unsplash

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