DJ vs Wedding Band: The Pros & Cons


Music can add fun and set the tone for a wedding, but which to get: A DJ or band? Here are the some things to consider for each choice. 

- From oldies to current hits, they can play a wide genre of songs or can access any song you want should you or your guests have something specific in mind. 
- They cost less than a band, most times (unless you hire a big name like Calvin Harris or Steve Aoki!)
- They can work within a smaller space.
- They can keep the music playing even if they go for a break.
- If you envision your after-party to be an all out dance fest, a DJ is your best bet. 

- A bad DJ can really kill the vibe of a wedding fast.
- Not all DJs are created equal, make sure you get one that’s got a good track record, is reputable and has good equipment.

Wedding Band
- ‘Live’ music is always more personal as the band can work the crowd and establish a good rapport.
- Guests get to enjoy a performance, which can elevate the wedding to one that’s sophisticated and elegant.
- Guests who prefer not to dance can still enjoy the ‘live’ performance.  

- Depending on how popular and seasoned a band is, they can be very expensive.
- Bands usually require a larger area for their set-up as they take up more space with their instruments and equipment.
- Most bands specialise in a specific genre (e.g. jazz, pop, rock etc), so they are limited to what songs they know how to play well. This means you can’t please all age groups at the wedding.
- Bands play 2-4 sets of about 30 to 45 minutes so you won’t have music playing for the entire wedding.
- It’s harder to control volume when you have a ‘live’ band so you’ll need to consider seating guests near the speakers should you engage one.

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