8 Ways To Involve The Groom In Wedding Planning


It’s the 21st century, and the misconception that wedding planning is merely the bride’s job simply does not hold water anymore. Even so, your fiancé may not be as enthusiastic about the planning as you are. Here’s how to give him that nudge – the wedding belongs to both of you, and it should be perfect for you and him.

  1. Be open to his ideas

We know you want your wedding to be perfect, but sometimes you have to relax the reins a little and let his opinions be heard. After all, the wedding belongs to both of you. Take his desires seriously instead of just planning according to your own wishes – even the craziest ideas may sometimes end up being the best decisions made.

  1. Put him in charge of the honeymoon

Trust us, he’ll be stoked to – and that’s one item off your list.

  1. Let him pick the engagement ring

Many women have an ideal engagement ring in mind, and want to take over this crucial step in wedding planning. Let your fiancé take charge, and if you want, drop hints.

  1. Give him choices

If he’s not interested in planning for whole areas of the wedding, involve him by asking for his opinion. For example, ask specific questions like “Do you like Western or Asian cuisine?” instead of open-ended questions. Break things down.

  1. Cater to his interests

Play to his strengths and interests to get him excited about planning. If he’s a (bedroom) DJ, let him take control of the wedding playlist. Or, if he’s a graphic designer, then let him design the invitations. You get the drill.

  1. Look at inspirations together

Get him excited by showing him ideas you find interesting, and see if any of them appeals to him. By doing so, not only are you involving him in the planning, you’re also getting those creative juices flowing.

  1. Allocate time for planning and rest

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t let wedding planning overwhelm both of you, and set aside certain times for planning, as well as for simply enjoying each other’s company.

  1. Make part of the wedding about him

Don’t be a bridezilla and make the wedding all about you. Incorporate elements of your fiancé as well. For example, if he likes Star Wars, then perhaps have a playful lightsaber dance walk-in. In other words, let your man express himself.

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