7 Ways To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy


It's likely that your bridesmaids comprise the most special people in your life. They could be siblings, relatives, or friends who've gone through thick and thin with you, and seen you at your best and worst. They've also sacrificed time and energy to help with wedding prep: Dress shopping, DIY decor, guest list, vendor liaising or just listening to your rants, so here's how to tell them that you appreciate and love them to bits.

Ask what they're comfortable wearing
Imagine your bridesmaids running around on the actual day in a restrictive, form-fitting gown.They'll will be the ones helping you run the various elements wedding the entire day so spare a thought and let them wear something they're comfortable. While you might have a certain vision of how you want them to dress, you need to be open to their suggestions too. Bring them shopping or ask for suggestion on dress designs they'd like. Just remember: A happy bridesmaid is a beautiful bridesmaid.

Give them a little direction
If you're not getting your bridesmaids to wear the same dresses or accessories, give them some direction as to what you're after. Give them some visual references as to what you'd prefer so they won't stray far from them. To help them further, let them know if you've seen something that would be suitable for the wedding and make sure it's not too pricey.   

Get them acquainted
In the event that your bridesmaids don't know one another, the onus is on you to get them acquainted with one another. Organise a brainstorming session in your home or have a simple gathering at a cafe to break the ice.

Respect their lives outside of wedding prep
Their world doesn't stop just because your wedding so be sensitive and understanding should they not be able to attend all meetings. Ask them about their schedules and don't arrange for meetings during office hours or too early in the mornings.

Accord them special treatment
Afterall, they're your special ladies who are sacrificing time, money and energy by helping you with your wedding so they deserve a little something extra. This could be giving them a plus one or two (if they've got a family), mention them in the wedding program booklet or website (if you have one). It's always a nice gesture to give them a thoughtful gift like an engraved bracelet or necklace so they'll always have a special keepsake of your big day.  

Be mindful of their spending
The bridal squad will be spending on bits and bobs like their dresses, shoes, accessories, and your bridal shower, so be considerate of what they're required to buy. Offer cheaper alternatives should you see them or pay for their hair and makeup on your wedding day should you want a specific look.

It's not all about you
The world doesn't revolve around you so don't forget to check in on your bridesmaids. Show interest in their personal life too by asking how their work or life is. If you know they're going through a rough patch, be sensitive to their feelings and let them know you're there should they need someone to talk to.

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