7 Tips Your Florist Wants You To Know About Wedding Flowers


If flowers are a big priority for your wedding, Justin Koh of Fleurlicious has great tips to help you make a decision on your bridal blooms.

Money talks
Be realistic with your budget and don't insist on flowers that are expensive or exceed your price range. Tell your florist about the overall theme, colour and budget so he/she has a better idea of your vision and recommend alternatives.

'Tis the season
Go for in-season blooms to avoid high costs. This is an especially valuable tip if you're looking to decorate a large area like a huge church or banquet hall. 

Size matters
Carry a bouquet that fits your size. A heavy, overwhelming and huge bouquet will overshadow a petite bride and the worst part, there's no pretty way of clutching a monster bouquet gracefully. Always remember: It's the bride who should stand out, not the bouquet.

Hot and heavy
Not all flowers are created equal and can withstand our humid weather. For instance, lilacs and tulips wilt quickly in tropical climates, so pick hardier blooms that'll look good all day.

Scents and sensibility 
While most of us love sweet smelling flowers, it's advisable to avoid using too many scented blooms or ones that are heavily scented in table centrepieces as smells can affect taste buds. Also, you never know if some guests have allergies that might be triggered by heavier scents. Lastly, since scents are subjective, what smells great to you might not neccesarily smell great to someone else. 

The height of things 
When deciding on table centrepieces, don't choose ones that are too high as it could hinder conversations between guests. You don't want them playing peek-a-boo when speaking to someone across the table. Also, make sure the arrangements aren't too large, guests need space to place their food and drinks. 

More isn't always more
Consider the decor of your venue and work with it. If it has mostly neutral tones, you can go for colourful blooms. But if your venue is pretty colourful on its own, then a simpler colour palette for flowers would be best. 


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