6 Times You Shouldn't Wear Your Engagement Ring


So he's proposed and you can't stop showing off and staring at that sparkler. But if you're thinking of never taking your engagement ring off because it's too precious, read on about the times you should remove it to keep it in pristine condition or avoid losing it altogether.

Working out at the gym
Leave your ring at home or keep it safe in your locker if you're going for a workout. Can you imagine hitting your ring against the treadmill bar or damaging the band/stone after handling dumbbells? Good. We're glad we saved you the pain of looking at a banged-up ring with missing stones!   

Swimming or tanning at the beach
If you're swimming in cold water, it's likely that your fingers will shrink, increasing the chances of your ring slipping out (and from personal experience, searching for a ring in the ocean is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack!). Also, since salt is a corrosive agent and can damage softer metals, avoid wearing any white, yellow or rose gold jewellery to the beach. It's also useful to note that seawater generally dulls the look of metals and gemstones, causing them to lose their lustre. Lastly, while sand won't do much damage to diamonds and metals such as platinum and gold, the tiny particles can get lodged in between tiny spaces and inadvertently loosen the setting or smaller pave stones.     

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