5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Dog-Friendly


If you love doggies as much as we do, you’d definitely want your pooch to be part of your big day. But having your fur-baby there requires some careful planning and execution. Just what can you do to make the wedding more conducive for dogs? Here’s a checklist of 5 things to go through.

Be careful about flowers
Some floral varieties may have harmful effects on dogs, especially when ingested. When briefing your florist or wedding planner, make sure to tell them to check that the flowers used are safe for dogs. Helps if you do your own research too!

Assign your pup the right role
You may be excited to have your dog be your ring bearer, but ask yourself if this role is the correct fit for him or her. Unless your dog is mellow or you are committed to training it months before, a wedding may be very overwhelming for the poor pooch. If your dog is easily distracted or excited, sitting in the front row happily watching you walk down the aisle may be the best job.

Brief the photographer
Not all photographers are deft at taking beautiful photos of dogs. To be fair, they are not easy to photograph at all! To increase your chances of capturing some lovely candid moments of your dog at your wedding, sourcing for a photographer who has some experience with pets or is a dog lover.

Get your dog a human plus one
While you are busy with all that’s going on during the wedding, you really won’t have time to keep a watchful eye over your dog. To keep her safe and out of trouble, make sure to leave her under the care of a trusted family member or friend. Your dog’s human partner should be aware that your dog needs be leashed whenever and wherever appropriate, and remember to bring it for regular potty breaks. It’s a tough job so make sure to choose the right person and show your appreciation for the help!

Provide a special treat
What’s a celebration without some delicious goodies? Your dog deserves to indulge on your wedding day too but don’t start giving it human food – the sodium content or spiciness could do some serious tummy damage. Prepare wedding pup-cakes or pretty cookies for her and her furry pals to chomp on while everyone is feasting. Needless to say, there should be ample treats to last her the whole day for being a good wedding guest.

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