5 Tips To Get Your Body Wedding Ready


Every woman wants to look drop-dead gorgeous and own the spotlight on their wedding day, flaunting their curves in the perfect dress. So it goes without saying that the months leading up to the big day is a journey to acquiring the body of their dreams. Pre-wedding diets are part and parcel of planning for your nuptials, but not all bride-to-bes are lucky to stay steadfast to their goal and succeed. If failure is not an option for you, here are 5 tips to help get your body in shape and wedding-ready.

Set an achievable goal
Dreaming big has never been the key to a successful diet. While your end goal should challenge you on some levels, don’t shoot for the moon—you’re more likely to crash to the ground than land amongst the stars. If you’re planning to lose a lot of weight to fit into that body-hugging mermaid dress, start your diet and regime earlier so you have a realistic amount of time to shed those pounds.

Keep a weight-loss journal
Writing down what you eat and how much you consume may not seem that effective in the short term, but you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from your eating habits. Besides, keeping a journal can remind you to stay focused on your regime and help countdown to the big day. Bonus tip: keep inspirational quotes or photos that can motivate you when the going gets tough.

Engage a personal trainer 
If you are not one for self-discipline, getting a personal trainer helps a whole lot. Besides having someone to train you in doing the right exercises and advice you in consuming a nutritious diet, you’ll also be getting a person who is not going to let you slack off, no matter what excuses you throw at them. You’d be motivated to workout as well—after all, you’re paying good money for this.

Swap your favorite snacks for a healthier choice
Going on a diet doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up on snacks, though you’ll definitely be swapping out pizza and soda. Opt for whole grain crackers and potato skin instead of chips, and yogurt with a hearty serving of fruits instead of ice cream. These will ease off your cravings while filling you up with the right nutrients!

Eat clean
Perhaps the hardest but most crucial part of your weight-loss plan is your diet, and we don’t mean starving yourself off all food. Besides helping you lose weight healthily, eating clean can also impact your life positively, such as boosting your mood, giving you more energy, and improving your immunity against viruses. Avoid processed foods and microwave dinners, and pile on the fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, low fat dairy and whole grains. Read more about weight loss ingredients here!

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