5 Reasons To Propose With Poh Heng's Trust Diamond


Well-trusted for top quality gold pieces with 70 years of fine jewellery experience, Poh Heng has launched an exclusive line of immaculate solitaire diamonds — the Trust Diamond by Poh Heng.
The diamonds are meticulously sourced and are a cut above a rest as they're screened using exacting standards. Available is an impeccably crafted collection of jewellery pieces which include rings, earrings, and pendants, perfect for gifting the love of your life.
And if you're looking for that one extraordinary stone that best represents your everlasting love to your beloved SO and seal that promise with a proposal, here are 5 reasons to get a Trust Diamond by Poh Heng.

The clearest colour
Diamonds at Poh Heng are assessed according to GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) strict standards pertaining to the 4Cs – carat, colour, clarity, and cut. Each Trust Diamond possesses only a D grade on the GIA diamond Colour scale — the highest attainable grade, indicating the purest and clearest colour.

They’re flawless (like the love of your life)
A diamond’s clarity is prized for being as close as possible to being flawless. Diamonds can have various internal characteristics known as inclusions, and external characteristics called blemishes. A Trust Diamond must achieve a minimum VS1 grading, which means it does not have any black spot inclusions within the solitaire diamond.

Classic cut
A diamond’s cut does not just refer to the shape of a diamond. It shows how well the diamond’s facets, polished by the craft master, interact with light to produce an intense sparkle and light. A Trust Diamond features only the best in a diamond cut – the classic Ideal Cut, featuring 57 facets whose arrangements and proportions are perfected to create that unrivalled brilliance.

Making the last cut
In addition to the strict standards set by GIA, Poh Heng adds one more step — an internal hand selection process that determines that the measurements of each Trust Diamond are within a very slight range. It is the utmost attention to detail in this process that contributes to the rarity of a Trust Diamond because only less than 5 per cent of the world’s finest diamonds are eligible to be one.

The literally ‘lit’ box
Each Trust Diamond ring has its own spotlight when you open the specially-constructed box. Yup, there's a small light that's built into the underside of the lid so you get to see the diamond's fire and brilliance in all its glory when you present it to her. The best part — you can go ahead with that romantic proposal under a starry sky or romantically lit restaurant now!

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