5 Botanical Skincare Products For Age-Defying Skin


Yup, we know about your skin concerns, and getting rid of any visible signs of ageing like pigmentation problems and dullness is on our list of priorities too. Besides eating right, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of fluids, here’s an easy way to achieve luminous, supple skin for the big day: Investing in botanical skincare.

CANVAS, an Australian beauty brand, carries an extensive range of anti-ageing botanical skincare products. The Absolute Age Recovery series is formulated with three potent, antioxidant ingredients – Buddha wood essential oil, cat’s claw and dragon’s blood (unfortunately, it’s not obtained by slaying mythical dragons. The bright red resin is actually gathered from plants) – the products prevent skin ageing, boost collagen production and revitalise the skin.

Rich Cleanser
First thing’s first: Wash your face with a gentle herbal formulation which removes toxins, icky debris and makeup residue. Infused with Chamomile, the cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin as it helps with skin irritation and inflammation.

Skin Renewal Refiner
Skin dullness and clogged pores are things of the past now that this granule-free skin treatment exists. The Skin Renewal Refiner exfoliates dead skin cells, smoothing the surface of your skin and nourishing it with chamomile and wakame extract.

Collagen Firming Mask
Treat yourself to a collagen mask once or twice weekly and your skin will be restored to its former glory. The refreshing and lightweight treatment mask will nourish your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with maca root, flax seed oil, kaolin and green clay.

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