10 Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests


Nothing is more painful than being forced to mingle and chat with strangers at a wedding while waiting for the lunch or dinner reception to begin. Your guests will only be able to exchange pleasantries over the weather and wedding celebrations for so long, so show them a good time by providing good entertainment! Here are 10 ways you can keep them happy and occupied.

Good Music

Ask your talented musical friends to serve up some good tunes for the evening, or hire a wedding band to serenade your guests all day long. You can also get your guests to contribute to the reception’s playlist by sending song requests in through text or an online page on your wedding website. If you have a love for karaoke, set up a KTV corner with mics and speakers and you are good to go!


Everyone loves a good photobooth, especially if it’s themed and filled up with tons of props. Have your guests looking silly with masquerade masks, feather boas and even ridiculous costumes. If you have some budget to spare, the latest trend in photobooths is to accompany it with a make-up bar, so all your guests get properly dolled up for the occasion.

Board Games with a Twist

Have an insane love for Monopoly, Connect Four or Checkers? Leave board games on the table for your guests or go big with an interactive corner filled up with giant versions of the board games we know and love so anyone sitting out can watch two or more guests fight to win.

Ice Cream Truck

Who doesn’t love an ice cream truck? Hire one and watch as all your guests rush to queue up for a delicious cone, especially if it’s a hot day out.


Get magicians to wow your guests by going from table to table and entertaining them with all the tricks they have up their sleeves (pun intended). Your guests won’t even have to leave their seats!

Trivia Games

Feed the competitive spirit among your guests with trivia games, complete with attractive prizes. Design as many rounds of questions as you need and remember to expand the categories to suit all your guests. Some of them may enjoy a round of Hollywood stars and movies trivia. For the older guests, how about a category on Singapore slang?


Have some tables set up with Blackjack, Poker or the Russian Roulette and let your guests try their hands at these classic casino games. You might not be able to have a Las Vegas wedding, but there is no reason not to gamble just a little bit to keep your guests occupied. Even better, at the end of the day you can have your designated ‘banker’ donate all the winnings to a charity of your choice.

Drink Tickets

You can’t have any celebration without drinks. Instead of having just an open bar, you can spice things up for your guests by handing out drink tickets when they register for the reception. Each ticket will specify a task, such as ‘find someone wearing blue and ask them about their favourite colour’. Then head to the bar with (hopefully) your new friend to retrieve your drink.

Flower Bar

Every guest can go home with a small bouquet of flowers with a flower bar at the reception. A hired florist can help your guests select which blooms they want and guide them through putting the bouquet together. They can create larger bouquets as a group too!

Just for Kids

Don’t forget about the children attending your wedding – the day can be long and children get bored very easily, so keep them occupied with a kid’s corner. You can include children’s movies, a face-painting booth or even a fun ball pit.

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