10 Things I Learnt After Getting Engaged


1. People are going to judge your engagement ring.

While the cut of your rock is a huge factor in determining its quality, most people are going to judge your ring purely based on its size.

2. Your mother will always get more excited than you (or anyone else) about your engagement.

My friend suspected that she was going to get proposed to on a particular day as her mum was insistent that she should wear a particular white dress, and even brought her for a manicure! And she did get proposed to that day. And as for me, my mum specifically told me to doll up and wear a nice outfit.

3. There will probably be hiccups on your actual wedding day.

Having planned several corporate events, I am aware that events don’t always proceed as planned. Weddings are similar in this aspect. I’m currently planning for my big day, and several of my married friends have advised that I should be mentally prepared for things to go wrong at the very last minute.

4. A wedding (and proposal) takes just one day, but marriage is forever.

I’ve heard this many times, but I’m still trying to let it sink in.

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