Best Desserts to Try at Vibes Café



Can't decide on our delectable desserts? Let us help you out!

#1 Yolkless Cheesecake 

We jumped on the egg white craze and came up with our own special Yolkless Cheesecake, making it extra healthy and low in cholesterol. 

#2 Chocolate Therapy 

A dark chocolate cake featuring rich and creamy chocolate within will make any rough day instantly better.

#3 Flaming Raspberry

Sinfully sweet and creamy, our Flaming Raspberry cake is a bestseller. Think tangy raspberry sauce sandwiched between cream and cheese. 

#3 Tiramisu

A perennial favourite, this Italian custard dessert is pretty much a staple at Vibes Cafe.

And if you have time to spare, top up $2.50 for a cup of coffee or tea with your purchase of pastry or cake. #WorkCanWait


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