Stylish Footwear For Ladies With Wide and Large Feet


Photo: Bared Footwear

I wear Nike Flyknits on a regular basis for three reasons: a) they match just about everything and are so damn comfortable, b) I don’t need to bring along extra shoes for gym, c) most flats and heels are just plain torturous to walk in for the entire day. I blame it on my hereditary wide and large feet.

But certain occasions do call for dressier footwear options, and my sisterly duties as emcee for my brother’s wedding earlier in January got me searching high and low for the perfect pair to tide me through the night.

A few bad buys and hundreds of dollars spent later, I think I’ve finally found my dream pair – no blisters or sore feet – and go-to brand. So if you’re anything like me, read on.



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