styleXstyle Signs Its First Artiste


Last month, styleXstyle made its first moves towards promoting its community of fashion-savvy influencers by signing Paris-based Taiwanese fashion blogger Amilus Chou, 31.

Chou, who’s multi-lingual in English, Mandarin, Japanese and French, is a graduate of Tokyo’s Waseda University in International Liberal Arts and has also studied in London and Paris. She currently lives in the French capital in order to further her career in fashion and lifestyle blogging.

Other than maintaining her blog (called ‘Une Fille aux Cheveux Noirs’ or The Girl With Black Hair in French), the singleton also contributes to Vogue Japan and is a regular at fashion weeks.

While she may not be a familiar face in Singapore, you may have chanced upon her regional TV commercial for premium beauty supplement Crystal Tomato on Channel NewsAsia. The gig is her first after signing her management contract with styleXstyle.

“With her eye for fashion and head for business, Amilus is a force to be reckoned with,” says styleXstyle’s head honcho, Sharon Au. “We’re very pleased to have her join the family.”

Here are five other things you should know about Chou’s fashionista ways.


#1 She doesn’t believe in fast fashion

Chou, who considers Lemaire designer Sarah-Linh Tran as her muse, explains: “After moving to Paris, and probably because I’ve reached a certain age, I’ve more or less acquired a certain dress style that I’m comfortable with. I buy less fast fashion stuff now, because the quality just isn’t that good. I’d rather buy something that’s well-made. Take care of them well and they will last a long time, and you’ll have fewer items in your wardrobe as well. Less to think about (laughs).”

#2 She only uses one skincare product

“I try to put as little things on my face as possible,” says Chou. “I don’t even use a facial wash. I remove my makeup [with a makeup remover] and wash my face with water. No tonic, nothing. Just one lotion. No eye gel either, unless I feel like I need it after a long flight. I feel like the less you use, the better it is for your face.”


#3 She can’t live without her hats

Chou is seldom seem without a hat on her stylised Instagram feed. “I wear hats a lot,” she says with a laugh. “Not every day, but the weather in Paris is perfect for hats. Not only is it stylish, a good hat blocks out the sun and keeps you warm during winter.”

#4 She’s a budding entrepreneur

When she’s not busy updating her blog with beautiful images from her travels, Chou curates and sells a selection of well-designed jewellery brands on her online store, La Petite Queue. “The usual income for bloggers comes from commercial offers. But I didn’t want to do it, because I can’t write about something I don’t like,” shares Chou. “So I was trying to figure out another way of keeping this blog going. The answer to that is a pop-up shop project with some of my friends. We interview these independent designers, photograph their jewellery, and introduce their brands. I really like it, and some of these designers have even become my friends.”

#5 She’s a keen photographer

While other OOTD-loving influencers rely on their Instagram husbands for the perfect photo of their outfit, Chou, shoots most of her portraits on her own. She relies on a few well-rehearsed poses, a remote and her trusty camera on a tripod. “I know my angles and the feel that I want, so it’s easy,” Chou says with a smile. “And I actually prefer to be behind the camera sometimes. Like for this shoot, I’m keen to find out more about the photographer’s camera, as well as the settings he has chosen.”



Photo: Mark Lee

Styling: Sharon Au

Makeup: Peter Khor

Hair: Junz Loke / Passion Hair Salon


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