Simone Heng’s Simple Lifestyle Change Is Making Her Look Better Than Ever


The first thing you’ll notice about Mediacorp CLASS 95 DJ Simone Heng is her vivacious personality. On air, she wins over listeners with her sultry voice. In person, the 33-year-old is ever ready to offer a bright smile and kind words — a burst of sunshine on a dreary day. 

But how can anyone be this cheerful all the time? Well, the pursuit of happiness isn’t as arduous as we often make it out to be, the Singapore-born Australian gamine beauty reveals. “Laugh at everything,” shares Heng, “That’s the key to happiness. Always love life and love living.”

Heng speaks from experience. She lost her dad in 2004, and promptly left Perth to work in Singapore’s media industry to escape from it all. Not long after, she landed a job in Dubai as an announcer with Virgin Radio Dubai. Things had seemed to pick up then, and within five years of working in the City of Gold, Heng had established herself as a top radio personality, earning enough to purchase property back in Perth. But in 2013, her mum fell ill, and Heng dropped everything in Dubai to care for her. 

The painful episode was a wakeup call for Heng to truly start living life to the fullest. “My mum is currently suffering from dementia as well. But I’m glad I managed to spend time with her while she was still lucid. We wouldn't have the relationship we have now if she hadn't fallen sick.” she reveals.  

“I used to work so hard that I couldn’t really appreciate how great things were. I used to be on my phone a lot, but now I try to be as present as possible in everything I do and savour every moment. Even on social media, I always try to post positive things like quotes about gratitude and photos from my travels. You won’t see any rants from me.”

Could laughter and her zest for life be the new skincare? Because Heng is practically glowing from inside out. When quizzed, the self-confessed K-Beauty fan shares that she does get some help from the right skincare products after all. 

“I’m into the whole daily multi-step skincare regimen. And Korean beauty products are amazing for the price point,” Heng gushes. While she enjoys trying out new beauty products, Heng takes her skincare seriously, revealing that there are days where her schedule is jam-packed with beauty appointments. However, she’s quick to point out that she wouldn’t go for plastic surgery for the sake of beauty.

Exercise plays a part in her well-being too. Heng tries to squeeze in a workout (either a jog or gym session with a personal trainer) whenever her hectic work schedule permits. The petite (and slim!) foodie admits she can never give up personal indulgences like wines and delicious cheeses, “Don’t ask me what I eat. Ask me what I don’t eat,” she exclaims, “I’ll try anything. Except jicama (Mexican yam bean). I hate that!”

And while she can easily pass off as a youthful 20-something, Heng turns thoughtful on the topic of ageing. “It’s weird. I always think that I’m 25. In my mind, I’m so young, like a punk,” she muses in the midst of a throaty laugh. “All my friends have husbands and babies, and I still feel like I’m living like I’m in my twenties. But ageing is real. I see it in my photos! [But we don’t.]”



Photography: Mark Lee

Styling: Koh Xiu Wen 


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