NYFW: New York's Eclectic Street Style

The Big Apple is famous for many things: history, art, business, theatre. More importantly, however, it's known for its diversity and embracing people of different cultures, backgrounds and languages. And the best way to get to know a city is through its people, don't you think? 

For the past week, our NYC Correspondent, Weishi Chua (you may remember her from our styleXBootcamp!), was tasked with photographing the stylish #NYFW crowd, and the photos - view them in the gallery above - reflected the individuality and eclecticness of the attendees.

There was a classic leopard print coat (Lulu would have been proud); platinum blonde dreadlocks and hot pink hair; loud graphics and logo-emblazoned tees. No two looks were the same, and the style tastemakers' diverse tastes celebrated all walks of life, as fashion rightly should.

So if you have a little time to spare, here's a slice of bustling New York through Weishi's lens. Enjoy the images, and don't forget to check out our #InstaStories for more!


Photos: Weishi Chua

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Style Inspiration, Courtesy of NYFW


Style Inspiration, Courtesy of NYFW
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