Model-actress Jasmine Sim: ‘Acting is a leap of faith’


For model-actress Jasmine Sim, 24, a career in acting was never on the cards. However, the Singapore Management University graduate has always had a keen interest in modelling, and would watch fashion-related reality TV series with her older brother as a kid.

Jasmine, who is now represented by Now Model Management, used to take part in charity runway shows in her late teens and early twenties – a modest yet determined step to her dream.

“My mum would send photos of me on the runway to her friends. One thing led to another, and that’s how I got connected to the ladies at Love, Bonito,” the immaculately-groomed model shared with a grin.

Yes, if you are a fan of homegrown womenswear label Love, Bonito, you’ll find Jasmine familiar – she has been modelling for the brand’s trendy pieces since she was 20.

“Modelling for the online store made me feel a lot more confident about myself,” shared Jasmine. “That’s when I decided to join The New Paper New Face competition in 2014”.

The competition opened new doors for her, and Jasmine, who is currently signed to Ahundred Ants Production for her acting gigs, has since scored roles in three Ch 8 dramas this year: When Duty Calls, The Lead, and Dream Coder.

And she’s on a roll – the budding starlet will also be appearing alongside Fann Wong and Christopher Lee in Doppelganger, a highly-anticipated Ch 8 drama (as it’s the first to feature Chris and Fann together since their marriage!) that will air in early 2018.

sXs: While you’re landing bigger and bigger roles with every drama that lands on your plate, we can’t help but feel curious about how you felt about your first one in Dream Coder.

JS: Although I only had about 10 (give or take) scenes in that drama, it was still pretty nerve-wrecking for a newcomer like me. Thankfully, however, my co-stars were really patient and friendly.

Jayley [Woo], whom I had the most scenes with, was very nice and always told me to relax and take it easy. Tai Ming da ge [Rayson Tan] would also pull me aside at times to offer tips on how I can improve. These little tips really helped me a lot and I’m so thankful for their patience.

sXs: The learning curve must have been really steep for you!

JS: Definitely. (laughs) I have lots to learn when it comes to acting. I’ve also been spamming Mandarin dramas and books in my free time, just so I can improve on my enunciation as well as my command of the language. It doesn’t come naturally for me, as I don’t speak much Mandarin at home.

sXs: You’re really fluent in English though. Ever considered hopping over to Ch 5 instead?

I’m open to it, definitely. But I’ll leave it to my agents. If the opportunity arises, I’ll be more than happy to go for castings. I wouldn’t say no to any opportunity, as I know they can be hard to come by for newcomers like me.

sXs: You were already doing well as a model. Why venture into acting?

Modelling is definitely my comfort zone, as I’ve done it for several years. Acting, on the other hand, is a leap of faith for me, and I enjoy it for different reasons [as opposed to modelling].

It’s a different experience to be able to immerse oneself in a role and to be that person. And that’s special to me. For example, my role as an air force engineer in When Duty Calls allowed me to experience a lot of things that wouldn’t be possible under normal circumstances.  

As a model and actress, you’re used to trying out and portraying different looks. What’s your own sense of style like?

I’m definitely a minimalist, although I do like to switch up my look with accessories. My outfits tend to be quite basic, and I love wearing boots and sneakers. Oversized sweaters are also a must-have in my wardrobe.  

What about your beauty routine?

I went through a thick eyeliner phase… But now I prefer a fresh-faced look, with a focus on complexion, eyebrows and lips. I try not to wear too much makeup now, especially with my hectic filming schedule. I tend to break out easily if I don’t get enough rest or get too stressed. And it’s good to let your skin breathe!

How about your diet? Are you particular about what you eat?

I try not to drink too much, because it makes me fat haha! I don’t really watch what I eat too much, I eat whatever I feel like and whatever makes me happy. If I feel heavier, I’ll probably do a few sit-ups to make myself feel better. (laughs)









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