Fashion Through The Eyes of Amilus Chou


It’s not every day you meet someone who is both stylish and fluent in French, Japanese, Mandarin and English. But thanks to her years of education in London, Japan and Paris, Taiwanese fashion blogger Amilus Chou is quite the multilingual fashionista. 

The 30-year-old, who could very well be mistaken for Japanese with her lithe frame and porcelain complexion, gamely shares with us her fave shopping destinations, handy style tips as well as what it takes to be a Vogue Japan blogger.

sXs: Bonjour, Amilus! You graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Liberal Arts in 2011. What made you go into fashion blogging?

Amilus: It was 2010, and I was a Taiwanese student in Tokyo venturing into street style photography. I was inspired by The Sartorialist and the model-off-duty blog Altamira. Garance Doré, who made me first enjoy reading someone’s blog online, was also a major influence.

Aside from your own blog, you also write for Vogue Japan. How did that opportunity come about? 

I was lucky. Ms Kozue, who worked for Vogue Japan, came across my fashion blog and asked me if I would like to be an official Vogue Japan blogger. How could I have said no to such an opportunity?

As a Taiwanese carving out a career in fashion overseas, did you face any obstacles?

I didn’t think too much about carving out a career when I first worked on my blog. It’s more of a hobby and nature of mine. And then it expanded into photography, styling, lifestyle, travel etc… these are all bits of my life. Doing what I love in a foreign land has lots of advantages — everything in the city is new, and it’s easy to be curious about anything that are often taken for granted by the locals. Of course, there are also obstacles such as language barriers and administrative issues like visas and overseas taxes.. but isn't that life?


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