This Beauty Trick Will Keep You Looking Fresh


You've got your best face on for a full day’s worth of Chinese New Year visiting, but the scorching heat – or worse, humidity – isn’t helping. This scenario must sound familiar. Now, what's a girl to do? Makeup maestro Joseph Ng has the answer: the underrated face mist.

Not only does it refresh and tone your skin, it is also especially effective in extending the wear of makeup. Whenever necessary, spray a face mist of your choice liberally all over your face (yes, it works over makeup). Lightly blot off any excess with a clean piece of tissue – the dirt and oil on your face will get lifted off for instant refreshment.

“It's a great way to stay cool in this heat,” says Joseph. “I personally like Evian's Facial Spray, but you can always fill an empty spray bottle with sterilised water, and add cooling ingredients like witch hazel. Keep it chilled in the fridge before taking it out with you.”

We round up crowd favourites in the gallery above!


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