5 Shoes Every Lady Should Own



Most people dislike getting older. They bemoan the loss of youth, greying of hair and sagging of skin. And while you’ll find me slapping on anti-ageing products faster than I can down a glass of wine, I also think being older isn’t all that bad.

It’s a cliché I know, but it’s true that with age comes wisdom. Specifically, in the shopping department. Oh, the things I would tell 18-year old Mona.

“Never spend more than $300 on a sundress, because you’ll only wear it once.”

“Investing in leather boots when you spend 99% of the year in 30-degree weather is the worst idea ever.”

Mostly though, I’d tell her that her 50-pair shoe collection would be nothing more than money gone down the drain. True story: half of my shoes are unwearable because they’ve either –and I kid you not­– grown spots or are simply too impractical. I was a fool to think I’d wear 6-inch stilettos in my late 20s.

Another true story: I’ve managed to last the past year with just five pairs of shoes. From fancy parties to countryside weddings to shooting a video in the middle of a lagoon – I never once felt the shoes I had on my feet were out of place. These are my researching findings.

The Classic Trainer

Get a pair in either full black or white, because when it comes to sneakers, simplicity is key sometimes. I personally think the ones from Common Projects are perfect – that leather is expensive enough to elevate a jeans-and-tee combo, and its sleek simplicity complements every outfit. Plus, if you have to walk more than 1km to get to work, you’ll want your feet to be comfortable and smart.

The Fancy Wedge

I’m not particularly girly, but I do love dressing up for weddings and parties. You know that odd sensation you get from seeing a different you in the mirror? Somewhere between a mix of bewilderment and pride? It’s kinda addictive. For events that evoke emotions like this, you’ll most likely be needing fancy shoes. I’ve worn my gold Michael Kors wedge heels to four weddings involving plenty of booze, dance marathons, beach parties, and pool parties – the list goes on. They’re definitely not in mint condition, but for all I’ve put them through, they’re probably the best pair of shoes I’ve ever gotten.


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