What Does Love Mean To You?



Love is one of the most fascinating things on earth. We can’t quantify it or make any sense of it. Love makes people do some of the craziest things, and also some of the most amazing things. But what actually is love?

The beauty of love is that it means so many different things to different people. In a world where people, specifically the younger generation, are increasingly getting married later or choosing to stay single, we thought it would be really interesting to ask them what love means.

Here’s what we found out.

The cynics:

“Love is the glue that enables society.” Ken, 27

“Love is mankind’s greatest excuse for reproduction.” – Sophia, 26

“Love is nothingness.” – Grace, 23

“Love is evol backwards. Which is one letter different from the word evil.” – Vanessa, 23


The sports fanatic:

“Love is when Manchester United screws up but yet you still stick with them through thick and thin.” – Shane, 22

The foodies:

“Love is when he showers me with potatoes.” – Serena, 24

“Love is the willingness to share your food even though you haven’t eaten the whole day and you’re experiencing PMS.” – Natasha, 22


The deep intellectuals:

“Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love is sacrifice.” – Florence, 25

“Love is being selfless. It’s about always thinking of the other person first, before you think about yourself, even when you don’t like it.” – Linus, 26

“Love is commitment.” – Rita, 22

“Love is when you look into someone else’s eyes, and you see yourself staring right back.” – Tammy, 21



The clueless:

“Huh? Love is love lor.” – James, 23

The hipster:

“Love is hugging a cat, love is telling you that you look good even if you are a bit fat. Love is holding their hand because you want them near, although sometimes they’re really lacking in the cerebral hemispheres. Love is mankind’s greatest question, but it exists to teach us a lesson!” – Mei Qi, 21

What does love mean to you? Share your thoughts with us!


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