#styleXbootcamp: Shu Hui


Day 8 (14 September 2017): M Generation

I wanted to vlog about today! I really did, but…I totally forgot about it at work. So I only have footages of my long journey to office, which I don't think is sufficient content for the vlog. So, it’s back to blogging! I only remembered about it when I got home.

Today, all 16 of us were tasked with a brand new mission: to help Metro with their rebranding. The photo shoot will take place on September 22!!!

We were originally split into 2 different teams, with each team working on a different concept. However, we've decided to have all 16 of us working together instead.  

Went down to Metro to conceptualise 20 different looks for 4 models. Insane right? Everything happened in a flash, and hopefully everything will go as planned.

#styleXbootcamp: Sari Alyaa Ramli

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