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Day 6 (SEP 18): Always believe in yourself

It was just another normal day with plenty of discussions for our rebranding project. We were told that we will be presenting our ideas to Metro the next evening. So we were compiling our work into a presentation deck. Everyone is working hard on their respective tasks for this project. I am glad that everybody is putting effort for this project - hopefully tomorrow will go well.

On a side note, I was tasked with ad design for styleXstyle too. I hope I'll be able to cope and complete everything on time. 

​Here's a a flatlay that I did for styleXstyle on the same day. It is for an accessories brand called ANDY ACCESSORY. I love the minimalist designs - definitely items I will wear. 

Sorry if my blog seems boring these days. I've been so busy with work and styleXbootcamp. Will try my best to update it with interesting stories!

Here's a quote I'd like to share with you today: You are better than you think you are!

Till then!


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