Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?


It goes without saying that men and women are vastly different, and difference in viewpoints come with many misunderstandings. Today, however, I hope to make peace. So on behalf of guys out who are guilty of the following, I’d like to say we’re sorry.

We’re sorry we don’t understand why we have to spend an hour surfing SGAG while waiting for you to apply your makeup – you look beautiful with or without it. And isn’t it such a chore? Perhaps you feel the same way about our morning gym sessions too, but we just don’t get it and for that, we’re sorry.

We’re sorry we no longer have a fresh response to your claims of having nothing to wear. Yes, nothing to wear when you’ve got a wardrobe that’s threatening to spill. How is that you need to wear something different every day of the week? For us, we throw on a t-shirt and perform the famous sniff-test on our jeans. In fact, we should thank you for accepting our recycled outfits. Heck, you don’t even mind watching us iron our only shirt.

#OOTD Star: Cassandra Tan

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