Expectations vs. Reality of Life as a Fresh Grad in Singapore


After 15 long years as a student in Singapore, I’ve finally entered the working world as a fresh grad.

While school has definitely been fun, the grass is always greener on the other side, don’t you think? As a student, I’ve always wanted to graduate ASAP and start working.

As a rookie in the corporate world, however, I know now things are not as rosy as I’ve expected them to be.

Allow me to spill the beans on life after graduation, based on my own experience.

Expectation 1: An excellent GPA will get me my dream job


You can mug really hard and score all the As you want, but it won’t guarantee a high-paying job. Not when times are this bad, and competition this stiff. Soft skills such as your mannerism, confidence and presentation skills are even more important during interviews to land yourself the coveted job.

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