Do Men Really Stray More Than Women?


It’s probably common knowledge that most perceive cheating in a relationship to be a predominantly male trait. However, statistics say otherwise. In recent years, approximately 50% of divorces in Singapore are a result of infidelity on the wife’s part. 

Now, I am not saying that the fairer sex has become more unfaithful. Rather, I’d like to think that both genders are equally susceptible to the excitement of someone new. 

Dawn's earlier article examined the plausible reasons as to why a partner would cheat when a “perfectly good relationship is at stake”. To me, however, a perfect relationship does not exist. 

We have come to believe that there’s an ideal other half waiting for us out there. He or she should accept us for who we truly are and conform accordingly, or at least to a certain extent. But the truth is far from that. 


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