6 Things TV Series Friends Taught Us



Central Perk SG, a FRIENDS-themed café, opened in Singapore in November last year to much fanfare, proving that even more than 10 years since the show ended, it is still as popular as ever. And why wouldn’t it be? Apart from laughing to our hearts’ content at the hilarious antics of the six characters, we also learnt important life lessons to carry with us forever. Here’s what Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross taught us:

#1 It's possible to overcome commitment issues

If the poster boy for the anti-commitment movement can get married, then trust me – anybody can get over their commitment issues. As we’ve learnt from Chandler, it’s absolutely terrifying to open your heart to someone and giving them the chance to rip it apart. But when you meet the one person who’s perfect for you, commitment won’t seem so scary anymore. Because it means you get to spend the rest of your life with someone you can’t ever imagine being apart from.

#2 Never give up on your dreams

Joey struggled for many years, starring in badly received plays until he finally landed a role on a soap opera (and didn’t have to borrow money from Chandler to survive anymore). Achieving your dreams is far from easy, and requires intense hard work and sacrifice. Take rejection in your stride and never, ever doubt that you’re going to make it.


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