5 Things Every Singaporean Will Start to Experience In Their 20s



I don’t know about you, but I think a lot whenever I’m doing something routine like showering or commuting. So just the other day, I was scrolling through Instagram and double-tapping to like my friends’ snapshots of their adorable babies.

I’ve talked about this with several of my pals, and we all agreed we have arrived at a stage in life where Facebook is constantly reminding us that our friends have accepted marriage proposals on an exotic beach, or that we should probably make good use of our productive systems soon.

Where did the days of mugging or café-hopping (partying, for the hardcore ones) go? Did that girl from your class just get a house? *incredulous gasp* University or junior college didn’t seem so far away… Or maybe there are. Heck, I’m turning 25.

Maybe that’s what we call a quarter-life crisis. While I probably won’t live for a century, here are five things I believe we can all relate to as a twentysomething. You may or may not agree.

Part of a proposal setup I helped to plan for

#1 All your friends are getting married

Because ‘tis the age to get hitched! Every other month, there’s a wedding to attend or a proposal to help out with. We’re running out of dresses, suits and cash for ang pows. Of course we are happy for our best mates and loved ones, but pressure’s on us to start adult life proper and get married too.

And lovebirds who have been through wedding planning will know how it can be a real pain, especially if your parents are intending to invite the whole world. Venue, food, outfits, photography… spare me please!

Dogs are kids too, okay?

#2 The baby flood

And now that your friends are all married, it’s time for the flood of babies. That is, your Facebook and Instagram feed will no longer be just about tantalising flatlays of brunch or stylish #OOTDs.

Be prepared for the wave of adorable little people grinning, pooping or swimming as their parents (read: your friends) document their kids’ entire journey on social media. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you like kids or not.


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