5 Things All Twentysomethings Should Do Before 2017


#1 Take a break from social media

Addicted to social media? Sometimes you won’t even realise it. This is what you need to know, however: It isn’t all that important to stay updated on every little thing your friends or complete strangers are up to. Take a break from your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Stay away from your Snapchat filters. Pick up a good book and spend the day reading, or actually hang out with your friends over coffee instead.

#2 Sign up for enrichment classes

At some point, you must have thought of learning something, be it a new sport, cooking or even a foreign language. If you’ve done nothing about it, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get started! For me, it’s Muay Thai and French lessons come 2017!

#3 Travel solo

There is never a perfect time to go for a holiday – go whenever you think you should. Or so my friend says. And if you’ve never travelled solo, maybe it’s time to do so as a mature adult! Be open and talk to people you meet (sensibly of course). In return, you may very well be rewarded with delightful conversations and novel experiences.


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