Quick Pick-Me-Up Spas


Pamper yourself in under an hour with these six treatments. 

It is nine days to Christmas. If you are going crazy planning parties and getting the prezzies, it's enough to get you frazzled. The solution? Take some “me” time out at the spas. Here are six that will rejuvenate you. 


Instant glow

Want luminous skin? The Skin Inc Oxy Miracle Infusion uses a jet applicator to deliver a gentle blast of 99 per cent oxygen to refresh skin instantly. And with Skin Inc’s signature serum and the Pure Snow White+ Mask, sensitised skin will stay calm while looking bright and dewy.  

The Skin Inc Oxy Miracle Infusion, S$190 for 60 minutes. More information is available here

Stand Straight

Nothing ruins a great dress more than poor posture. The Qi Mantra Power Back massage targets tension in your back, shoulders and neck, pushes out all the knots and strain. The process will hurt, yes, but in 30 short minutes, you’ll be standing straighter (and looking taller) than you have in years. 

The Qi Mantra Power Back Massage, S$58 for 30 minutes. More information is available here

Calm down

You’re not going to be a good host if you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Think calm and chic, not anxious and ragged. Vedure’s Hot Stone Therapy uses river stones that are rich in iron to release tension in your muscles, relaxing your body while improving blood circulation. It’s 30 minutes of bliss. 

The Vedure Hot Stone Ultra-Calming Therapy, S$88 for 30 minutes. More information is available here


Unclog pores

Wearing heavy makeup for hours is bad for the skin. Give your skin a break with The Westin Restore Facial that is meant to soothe tired and dull skin. A deeply hydrating mask replenishes lost moisture, and you can be sure you will be lulled into a restful sleep during treatment and wake up to beautiful skin.  

The Westin Restore Facial, S$230 for 60 minutes. More information is available here.

Take a breath

One party down and 10 more to go! Take a breather with the Ritz-Carlton Aromatherapy massage, which uses a mix of essential oils to help you relax and recharged so that you are ready to take the next challenge head on. 

The Ritz-Carlton Aromatherapy Massage, S$170 for 60 minutes. More information is available here

Pat on the back

Once the party’s over, it’s time to pamper yourself! Check out the Shangri-la hotel’s CHI’s signature Rescue Release massage. This customisable treatment helps relieve muscle tension as well as rejuvenates you. Lie back and let the masseuse work her magic on you.  

The Shangri-la CHI Rescue Release Massage, S$115 for 45 minutes. More information is available here

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