PPP Laser Clinic Launches a Holistic Skincare Approach



Homegrown aesthetics care provider PPP Laser Clinic has introduced the 360 Solution Taster Pack, a holistic mixture of treatments aimed at tackling various skin concerns based on the concept of Colour (uneven or dull skin tones), Consistency (large pores or acne scars) and Contour (wrinkles or sagging skin).

For $360, you’ll get to try out the following non-invasive procedures (one session each):

#1 P+ Intensive Laser

A non-ablative laser treatment that tackles melanin and thoroughly cleanses your skin. 

Downtime: None.

#2 Fractional Laser

A non-invasive treatment that targets a fraction of your skin at a time by delivering a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones. It is purportedly great for reducing pore size and lightening of acne scars.

Downtime: From none to a week, depending on the dosage. Some patients may experience a sunburnt effect and peeling skin, but this is normal.

#3 Collagen Remodelling

Collagen growth is stimulated to improve your skin’s elasticity – think of it as a lunchtime face lift.

Downtime: None.

#4 Radio Frequency Skin Treatment

Radio frequency electromagnetic energy promotes better oxygen supply to your skin, as well as a detox effect for a younger-looking complexion.

Downtime: None.

#5 Ion Infusion

Your skin will be infused with Hyaluronic Acid immediately after the laser treatments, allowing for deeper penetration of serums and effective hydration.

Downtime: None.

How the Treatments Felt:

My personal concerns were sensitive and dehydrated skin, as well as large pores. Hence, I was recommended three out of five treatments: P+ Intensive Laser, Fractional Laser and Ion Infusion.

P+ Intensive Laser: It had a warm sensation, and hurt just the slightest bit.

Fractional Laser: As I didn't have any major concerns, I requested for a small dosage. It felt more painful than the P+, but remained bearable. There was also a slight burnt smell during the procedure, but I was informed this was normal. There was no downtime for me.

Ion Infusion: I was asked to switch to another bed for this. It was cooling, soothing and the most comfortable of the lot.

Perhaps it was because I didn't have any major skin concerns to begin with, but the treatments did not do much for me. I did, however, experience clearer skin in the days that followed. 


What Else to Expect:

It all sounds very technical, but the idea here is to rejuvenate your skin for a glowing complexion. The process is simple enough, and each treatment session takes about five minutes at the minimalist, no-frills clinic.

Take a queue number to speak with the doctor, who will address your skin concerns. Once the consultation is over, an assistant will direct you to a brightly-lit basic makeup room with basic needs like mirrors, tissue paper and a sink. There are no seats. Here, a wet facial wipe is provided for you to clean your face.

Next, wait for your treatment. It can take a while, depending on how crowded the clinic is. Once your name is called, you will be ushered into the treatment room – a communal space with beds separated by drawn curtains.

There is no cupboard for you to put your belongings, so you’ll have to place them under your designated bed. Someone will assist you with wearing a surgical cap, as well as protective eyewear if you are undergoing laser procedures. Also, don’t be surprised if you are asked to switch beds for different treatments.

Performed by accredited doctors, the taster pack is a rather cost-effective, no-frills option for beauty junkies who want more bang for their buck. But if you’re looking for something pampering and luxurious, this probably isn’t for you.


The 360 Solution Taster Pack is available at all 11 of PPP Laser Clinic’s outlets, including its newest one at Capital Tower.

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