The One Thing You Need For A Gorgeous Complexion


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For a healthy and beautiful makeup look, rosy cheeks are a must. Tip: Gradually build up pink tones on the apple of your cheeks with the right blusher for a more natural finish – too thick and it’ll look tacky.

Face Shapes

By the way, did you know that there are different ways to apply blusher for different face shapes? For example, apples of cheeks are great for ladies with longer face shapes, while those with rounder face shapes can consider brushing it on diagonally.

Also, you can complement your weakness shape of face effectively if you apply the blusher well. If a long face is weakness it is good to apply widthwise as a standard of apple zone, if you have a round face it will be better to apply diagonally. 


(Photo 4-2 <Source photo : Fashion Chosun - Lee Da-Hee, Lee Yeon-Hee, Song Ji-Hyo, Kim So-Hyun>)

Choose the right formula for you

There are generally two versions: powder and cream. The powder type is good for oily skin, while cream formulas are better for ladies with drier skin types. Tip: Fairer skin tones can try out pinkish hues, while darker skin tones can opt for coral shades.

Use a brush for powders and buff the colour out on your cheeks with soft swirls. For creams, use a puff, sponge or warm fingers.



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