Keep Your Scalp Healthy With Tips From The Pros


Have your locks been looking a little flat lately, or is it taking a long time to grow out? Perhaps you should put your curling tongs and styling products aside and look into how you’ve been caring for your scalp instead.

Our quest for perfectly coiffed hair often comes at a price – guilty pleasures like perming, straightening, blowing, colouring aren’t our best friends when it comes to scalp health. That, coupled with Singapore’s humid weather, creates a recipe for hair-raising issues when it comes to our crowning glory. Pun intended.

And if that struck a chord with you, don't panic just yet. Read on for four expert tips on keeping your scalp healthy and clean from Salon Vim’s Scalp R&D Director, Sue Liew!

#1 Using the right scalp care products

“Using shampoos that are not suitable for your scalp may worsen its condition,” says Liew. Do book an appointment with a trichologist or professional hair stylist certified in scalp care to conduct a personalised scalp diagnosis – they will be able to recommend the right products for your scalp type and condition.

#2 Shampooing technique matters

When applying shampoo, lather the product with your hands before applying it to the sides of your scalp. This will help dilute the product and avoid shocking the top of your scalp, as it may result in hair fall.

#3 Regular massage

Give yourself a daily scalp massage to promote better blood circulation. It’s so easy, there’s no reason to skip it: Place all your fingertips on your head and press down lightly but firmly, working from the front of your head to the back.

#4 Don’t miss your scalp treatments

Scalp issues are often caused by lifestyle, environmental and age-related factors. As such, its condition can change with time. To keep it healthy, try a treatment like Salon Vim’s Scalp Revival Spa (Trial Price: $175, U.P. $350) that will deeply cleanse, exfoliate and purify your scalp for healthy hair growth and hair-fall prevention.


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