Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Eye Creams


You know how important it is to hydrate your face – but what about the thin, delicate skin around the eyes? If it’s not given the extra attention it needs, it could begin to show premature signs of aging. Start taking precautions now by investing in the right eye cream.

How to choose an eye cream

Always try to select your eye cream by concern, rather than age. Hereare some examples.

Dark circles and puffiness: If you often have tired eyes in the morning, wake them up with some caffeine. No, we’re not advising that you put actual coffee on your eyes, but rather an eye cream that has caffeine in it, to reduce swelling. For more prominent dark circles choose a product that contains caffeine and Vitamin B3.

Fine lines: We can all get fine lines in the eye area over time from smiling and laughing. To plump up the wrinkles use a product that contains collagen-building peptides.

How to apply eye cream

Since the skin around the eyes is so delicate, it’s important to dab the cream on (never rub!) with your ring finger, using circular motions. Place some dots of cream around the eye area (being careful not to go to close to the waterline) and then tap it on, starting at the eyebrows.

Top tip: Always keep your eye cream in the fridge. It will refresh your eyes and reduce puffiness even further.

Open your eyes to the wonders of eye cream to look youthful and refreshed every single day!


Story by Biotherm

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