Charming Celeb-Inspired Hairstyles to Try


(Photo 5-1 <Source photo : Fashion Chosun - Jeon Do-Yeon, Jung Ryeo-Won, Ahn So-Hee, SISTAR's So You>)

You might think most men like long straight hair, but that’s just a stereotype. With their urban-chic vibes, short or wavy hairdos can be very charming too – just look at Jeon Do-Yeon, or Ahn So-Hee! Now, why don’t you try a fresher look? Here are some styling suggestions.

Wavy hair

Have you had long straight locks your whole life? Switch things up a little like Jeon Do-Yeon and Jung Ryeo-Won. Both are spotting natural-looking wavy hair, while Ahn So-Hee and So You favour elegant curls. Tip: Achieve voluminous and wavy hair by drying freshly-shampooed tresses completely before applying S curls to the ends of your hair. Then, comb through your hair repeatedly and finish off with a pump or two of curling essence.

(Photo 5-2 <Source photo : Fashion Chosun - Han Ji-Min, Park Min-Ji, Nam Ji-Hyun, Oh Jung-Yeon>)

Short ‘dos

They say once you go short, you can’t go back – and it’s true! A chic bob or boyish cut can be your best fashion statement. Han Ji-Min looks stylish, while Park Ji-Min pulled off her choppy, short cut well. Otherwise, you can always opt for a classic sleek look like Nam Ji-Hyun and Oh Jung-Hyun!


Fashion Chosun Editor: Son Min-Jung (

Photography: Lee Hyun-Moo (

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