5 Tips For Recycling Your Makeup



For those of us who wear makeup, let’s admit it – we spend an insane amount of money on makeup. That also means that, over the years, we’ve probably amassed scores of makeup containers, both empty and half-empty. We get bored of a particular shade of eyeshadow so we just put the pot aside somewhere, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

Or we finish using our makeup, and then we just dump the containers in the trash without a second thought. But that really isn’t the way to go, considering today’s problems of global warming and irresponsible consumerism. There are in fact plenty of ways to recycle and repurpose your makeup. Saving the Earth can be pretty glamorous too. 

#1 Back to M.A.C. Programme 

If you love M.A.C. as much as we do, then here’s a great piece of news for you. It has a brilliant recycling programme that will probably make you feel less guilty about buying scores of eyeshadow pots. In return for six M.A.C. primary packaging containers, you will get a free M.A.C. lipstick of your choice. Just head over to any M.A.C. store and they’ll happily conduct the exchange for you. Note that primary packaging does not include sample containers, applicators such as sponges/puffs and accessories, but you can exchange just about everything else. Do your part for the environment and get free makeup? Sounds like just about every girl’s dream come true.

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