10 Tried And Tested Beauty Products To Add To Your 2018 Arsenal



I tried these amazing beauty products in 2017, so you know what to add to your routine in 2018 for effortless flawlessness.


#1 Allies of Skin Promise Keeper

No one likes break outs, and especially not before an important event or party, which is precisely when those damned zits like to appear. Enter homegrown Allies of Skin’s Promise Keeper: a blemish-banishing and prevention treatment mask that helps to fight existing break outs, tames any redness and encourage skin turnover for glowing skin. If you’re prone to those monthly skin flare ups, or just like the security of mind that comes with waking up to perfect skin, look no further than what I’ve recently started to refer to as my new best friend. I brought it to Europe with me and despite the 2 weeks of Christmas feasting and New Year partying I subjected myself to (think loads of sugar, fat, alcohol and not a lot of vegetables), I managed to get away with only 1 tiny pimple. I don’t know about you, but few of my skin care products can keep up with my indulgences – it truly is a miracle worker.

#2 Herbivore Botanical Blue Clay Facial Bar

Be kind to the earth and your skin in 2018 with all-natural products that contain none of the usual harsh silicones, parabens and unpronounceable chemical ingredients. While I’ll close an eye when it comes to moisturisers or serums (I am eventually going to phase this out though), I think that as washing your face is the harshest step of the skincare regime, it is where your skincare product should be the gentlest. I discovered Herbivore Botanical’s line of handmade and completely natural facial soaps last year, and I’m never going back. It does the job of really cleansing my skin while still leaving it soft, and because it’s a bar, it lasts at least twice as long as regular liquid face washes. The BF and I have been using the same bar for the last 5 months and we’re barely halfway through it. You can choose from Pink Clay (dry, sensitive skin), Charcoal (acne prone and oily) and Blue Clay (normal to combination), or do what I do – get all three and use accordingly to how your skin is behaving!

#3 Aquaphor Soothing Balm

Last year, I accidentally picked a scab that had developed from a particularly nasty pimple, and to my horror, it left a literal hole in my nose. What freaked me out was not the hole itself, as I knew it would eventually heal, but that for the 2 weeks after, my skin just didn’t seem to be healing. Like a proper millennial, I turned to Google as I was on vacation and far away from my dermatologist (always seek out a professional as a first option though), and after hours of trawling through forums, read about the wonders of Aquaphor, an ointment that encourages the skin’s healing process. I religiously applied it and to my amazement, despite being in dry Europe, it actually started to heal! It can also be used for random scraps, cuts, burns, as a lip balm, for your cuticles, to soothe irritated skin… the list goes on. It’s not something you’ll use everyday, but it’s pretty handy to have in your make-up kit. Tip: when you’ve popped those zits you’re not supposed to, it’ll help calm the redness and make the wound look less noticeable.

Available at any major pharmacy.


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